Kingdom: Plantae
(unranked): Angiosperms
(unranked): Monocots 
Order: Asparagales 
Subfamily: Aristeoideae 
Genus: Aristea 
Species: Aristea ecklonii
Common names: Aristea, Wild Iris, Blue Iris

Aristea is a perennial with stiff, upright, iris-like leaves that grow in clumps up to 70 cm tall. In spring, dozens of small blue flowers are produced, which then turn into seed capsules 2cm long containing flat dark brown seeds. The deep blue flowers are in clusters of 5-7 and they open only in bright sunlight.
Aristea tolerates a wide variety of conditions. It spreads by seeds and also by division of the rooted clumps. It can form dense stands, displacing other species and opening canopy to invasion from other weeds.
It was originally from the western tropical and south of Africa. Aristea Legal Status in New Zealand is as an unwanted organism because extensive patches out-compete native species.

1-Aristea ecklonii Blue Eyed Iris-001.JPG

1-Aristea ecklonii-008.JPG

1-Aristea ecklonii Blue Eyed Iris-003.JPG

Aristea flower and green seed capsules
Aristea Wild iris Aristea ecklonii-21.JPG

The large leaves are from a flax plantAristea Wild iris Aristea ecklonii-22.JPG

Aristea Wild iris Aristea ecklonii-20.JPG

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