Kingdom:   Plantae
(unranked):        Angiosperms
(unranked):        Eudicots
(unranked):        Core eudicots
Order:       Caryophyllales
Family:      Caryophyllaceae
Genus:      Arenaria
Species:     A. montana
Binomial name:  Arenaria montana
Common name: Mountain sandwort, Mountain daisy

Arenaria montana is a species of evergreen, perennial, flowering plant native to mountainous regions of south-western Europe, from the Pyrenees to Portugal.
It is a low evergreen perennial forming a loose mat up to 30cm in width. It has small, lanceolate or ovate, green to greyish-green opposite leaves 1 to 3cm in length.
The stems are erect (>20 cm in height) and during late spring early summer 2 to 10  five-petalled flowers (approx 2.5 cm in diameter) are borne on cymes.
This plant has gained the Royal Horticultural Society's Award of Garden Merit.

Photographed at Tupare Gardens, New Plymouth, Taranaki
Arenaria montana -001.JPG

Arenaria montana .JPG

Arenaria montana -002.JPG

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