Kingdom:   Plantae
Division:    Pinophyta
Class:        Pinopsida
Order:        Pinales
Family:      Pinaceae
Genus:       Abies
Species:     A. pinsapo
Binomial name: Abies pinsapo
Common names: Spanish fir, Pinsapo pine

Abies pinsapo is a species of fir that has a very limited distribution and a restricted habitat in small areas of Spain and Morocco. In its natural habitat it appears at altitudes of 900–2100 m.  This species is e listed as endangered in its natural areas.
It is an evergreen tree growing up to 30m tall and can live as long as 200 years. It usually has a single, round, straight trunk with a deep crown that is narrowly conical in young trees but irregular in older trees. The lower branches curve downwards.
The tiny leaves are up to 2 cm long. They are arranged spirally, spreading radially and perpendicular to the branchlets. They are strongly glaucous, pale blue-green and with broad bands of whitish wax on both sides.
The seed cones are erect, cylindrical, 9–18 cm long are a greenish-pink, ripening to a brown colour. When mature, they disintegrate to release the winged seeds.

Abies pinsapo photographed at Tupare Gardens, New Plymouth, Taranaki.
Abies pinsapo. Spanish fir.JPG

The seed cones February
Abies pinsapo. Spanish fir-001.JPG 

Abies pinsapo. Spanish fir-002.JPG

Abies pinsapo. Spanish fir-003.JPG

Foliage of A. pinsapo
Abies pinsapo Spanish fir -004.JPG

Abies pinsapo Spanish fir -003.JPG

An unusual branching trunk.
Abies pinsapo Spanish fir -006.JPG

A mature tree fissured bark.
Abies pinsapo Spanish fir -009.JPG