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Kingdom: Plantae
Phylum: Bryophyta
Class: Bryopsida
Order: Dicranales
Family: Dicranaceae
Genus: Leucobryum
Species: L.candidum
Binomial name: Leucobryum candidum
Synonyms: Leucophanes densifolium, Dicranum candidum  Leucobryum brachyphyllum ,Dicranum brachyphyllum, Leucobryum spinidorsum, Leucobryum strictifolium, Leucobryum conocladulum, Leucobryum cineraceum

Leucobryum candidum is a member of true mosses (Class Bryopsida). It is an epiphyte moss with a silver green colouring that forms large cushions or turfs on the ground, on tree trunks and rotting logs.
It looks silvery because the top cell layers of the leaves are transparent and reflect light; only the inner cell layers have the chlorophyll. The cushions can obtain a height of 15cm.
It found in throughout New Zealand including Stewart Island, China, New Caledonia, Philippines, Australia, India, Malaysia, New Guinea and Taiwan.

Leucobryum candidum Cushion moss-004.JPG

Leucobryum candidum moss.JPG

Leucobryum candidum moss-001.JPG

Leucobryum candidum moss-002.JPG

Leucobryum candidum Cushion moss-002.JPG