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Pūrangi Pekapeka

Pūrangi Pekapeka
Project Pūrangi Pekapeka
Group Experience Pūrangi
Topic Natural history
Resources online
School sessions
Level Intermediate, High School
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In 2019, Experience Pūrangi undertook a study of the critically endangered long-tail bat to define the home territory it occupies within Pūrangi, East Taranaki.

Project Overview

Pekapeka at Pūrangi is our long tailed bat project. This was a pilot project implemented with Kaimata School. Our research to date is based at our field centre at Pūrangi and involved assessing a number of sites around the buildings, the walkways and in the Otunahe reserve. Acoustic recorders revealed a high amount of bat activity in all areas. Some were in the early evening indicating bats are roosting in the area, whereas others had activity in the early hours of the morning, indicating this was their flight path. We are now looking to use the results of this study and expand it at a higher tertiary level to learn more about these native mammals.


Department of Conservation, Taranaki Regional Council, Sound Counts, Jono More, Inglewood High School, Puke Ariki, Catlins Bats long tail bat specialists, Kaimata School