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National Institute of Water and Atmosphere (NIWA)

Various NIWA decision support tools are available as QGIS plugins:

  • Structured Conservation Planning used to enable the collaborative development of Marine Protected Areas (MPA's)
  • Survey planning plugin allows users to calculate random points or coastal transects for a stratified random survey
  • Biodata plugin tool allows QGIS users to connect to a IPT (Internet Publishing Toolkit) server and download Darwin Core archives to use in QGIS. IPT is developed and provided by GBIF (Global Biodiversity Information Facility) as a mechanism for transferring biodata sets between databases. The plugin opens up the ready built global system of biological species observations to QGIS users.
  • The River Environment Classification (REC) visually answers the questions, in terms of the freshwater reaches of the REC2:
    • Where could something here have come from?
    • Where could something here get to?
  • Web Data Plugin (under development) plugin enhances the ability of QGIS to connect to and manage data from OGC WFS/WMS services. It is able to harvest a CSW (Catalog Service for the Web) list of WFS & WMS services, from which a user can select and store favourites.