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Litter Intelligence

Litter Intelligence
Project Litter Intelligence
Group Litter Intelligence
Topic Sustainability
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Visit Litter Intelligence. We need accurate litter data to better understand the problem so we can optimise solutions, and inspire action for a litter-free world. Browse recent litter surveys submitted by Citizen Scientist ‘Monitoring Groups’ for detailed results on the nature and quantity of litter found at each survey area.

Project Overview

Taranaki litter surveys

Insights into how New Zealand’s litter problem changes in scale and nature over time are critical to understanding our progress on addressing this challenge. Explore our 'Insights' dashboard to see all litter survey results to date, get a better picture of which materials and products contribute the most towards our litter problem, and understand how this changes over time. Submit data from a survey.

See the Taranaki litter records here.


While important, quality data and powerful insights are still not enough to solve our litter challenge. We need action. Explore our collection of Action Stories for inspiration and tools to help you take action for a litter-free Aotearoa. There are all kinds of solutions, with something for everyone. Get started today!

See the results of the Fitzroy beach clean-up


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