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Botanical names - how NZ species were named

'Common Ground' - Who's Who in NZ Botanical names

Val Smith

Down-to-earth botany on the Pisa flats, Central Otago, January 1992

By the time Common Ground: who's who in New Zealand botanical names went to press in 2015, my interest in people honoured in the botanical names of New Zealand plants had become an obsession.

I was constantly on the alert for further eponyms, both historical and recent, with the potential to lead to interesting stories. Three years on, this supplement covers the lives and careers of another hundred men and women, including the correction of a previous misidentification. I am sure you will find the colourful exploits of John Matthew Richardson (page39) as fascinating as I did.

The somewhat higher proportion of entries relating to non-vascular species, especially liverworts, mosses and seaweeds, is partly due to the photographic and identification challenges they present. My first rock pool study was a very recent Forest and Bird KCC (Kiwi Conservation Club) outing. The children were happy to show and name for me the marine creatures they discovered, but I was on my own for the seaweeds! Merely negotiating slippery rocks was no mean achievement for an 80 year-old with walking stick in one hand and camera in the other! However, for many young ladies of eighteenth and nineteenth century Britain and Ireland, beach combing and the study of natural history were fashionable pastimes, and escape from the parlour. The biographies of several are included here.

Modern technology has (in most cases) made information readily accessible, and the amount and depth of knowledge, both personal and scientific, that has survived centuries of war, plague and famine in Europe and elsewhere, is amazing. However, more than 200 years passed before the true identity of the person commemorated in the genus Schefflera was resolved. Meanwhile in 1945 New Zealand bryologist George Osborne King Sainsbury described Dicranoweisia spenceri, naming it after "Mr H M Spencer, a companion on many collecting expeditions". It seems that already (and within my lifetime) further information about the recipient of the honour may be lost. The search continues!

file name species name surname, names
ADAMS J Hebe adamsii .pdf Hebe adamsii ADAMS, Jacqueline Nancy Mary
ADAMS N Lessonia adamsiae.pdf Lessonia adamsiae ADAMS, James
ALLAN Celmisia allanii.pdf Celmisia allanii ALLAN, Harry Howard Barton
ALLISON Allisonia cockaynei.pdf Allisonia cockaynei ALLISON, Kenneth Willway
ALLOM Olearia allomii.pdf Olearia allomii ALLOM, Albert James
ANDREAE Andreaea mutabilis.pdf Andreaea mutabilis ANDREAE, Johann Gerhard Reinhard
ARCHER Archeria traversii.pdf Archeria traversii ARCHER, William
ARISTOTLE Aristotelia serrata.pdf Aristotelia serrata ARISTOTLE
ARMSTRONG JB Celmisia armstrongii.pdf Celmisia armstrongii ARMSTRONG, John Francis
ARMSTRONG JF Hebe armstrongii.pdf Hebe armstrongii ARMSTRONG, Joseph Beattie
ASTON Muehlenbeckia astonii.pdf Muehlenbeckia astonii ASTON, Bernard Cracroft
ATKINSON Hebe stricta var atkinsonii.pdf Hebe stricta var. atkinsonii ATKINSON, Esmond Hurworth
AVICENNA Avicenna marina subsp australasica.pdf Avicenna marina subsp. australasica AVICENNA
BALFOUR Nertera balfouriana.pdf Nertera balfouriana BALFOUR, Isaac Bayley
BALL Ballia callitricha.pdf Ballia callitricha BALL, Anne Elizabeth
BANKS Cordyline banksii .pdf Cordyline banksii BANKS, Joseph
BARKER Hebe barkeri.pdf Hebe barkeri BARKER, Samuel Delabere
BARTLETT Caladenia bartlettii.pdf Caladenia bartlettii BARTLETT, Francis William
BARTLETT Metrosideros bartlettii.pdf Metrosideros bartlettii BARTLETT, John Kenneth
BARTRAM Bartramia sp .pdf Bartramia sp. BARTRAM, John
BASSI Beauveria bassiana.pdf Beauveria bassiana BASSI, Agostino
BATTARRA Battarrea phalloides.pdf Battarrea phalloides BATTARRA, Giovanni Antonio
BAUER Rhopalostylis baueri .pdf Rhopalostylis baueri BAUER, Ferdinand Lukas
BAXTER Gingidia baxterae.pdf Gingidia baxterae BAXTER, Millicent Amiel
BAYLIS Pennantia baylisiana.pdf Pennantia baylisiana BAYLIS, Geoffrey Thomas Sandford
BAZZANI Bazzinia sp .pdf Bazzinia sp. BAZZANI, Matteo
BEAUVERD Raoulia beauverdii.pdf Raoulia beauverdii BEAUVERD, Gustave
BECKETT Bryobeckettia bartlettii.pdf Bryobeckettia bartlettii BECKETT, Thomas Wrench Naylor
BEDDIE Chionochloa beddiei.pdf Chionochloa beddiei BEDDIE, Andrew Davidson
BEEVER Beeveria distophylloides.pdf Beeveria distophylloides BEEVER, Jessica Eleanor
BEEVER Rossbeevera pachyderma.pdf Rossbeevera pachyderma BEEVER, Ross Ewen
BEILSCHMIED Beilschmiedia tawa.pdf Beilschmiedia tawa BEILSCHMIED, Carl Traugott
BELL Crosbya nervosa.pdf Crosbya nervosa BELL, William
BENNETT Brachyglottis buchananii.pdf Brachyglottis buchananii BENNETT, Henry
BENTHAM Hebe benthamii.pdf Hebe benthamii BENTHAM, George
BERGGREN Carex berggrenii.pdf Carex berggrenii BERGGREN, Sven
BERKELEY Bondarzewia berkeleyi.pdf Bondarzewia berkeleyi BERKELEY, Miles Joseph
BERTERO Marchantia berteroana.pdf Marchantia berteroana BERTERO, Carlo Luigi Giuseppe
BIDWILL Libocedrus bidwillii.pdf Libocedrus bidwillii BIDWILL, John Carne
BIGGAR Hebe biggarii.pdf Hebe biggarii BIGGAR, George Valentine
BIRLEY Hebejeebie birleyi.pdf Hebejeebie birleyi BIRLEY, Henry Hartley
BISHOP Hebe bishopiana.pdf Hebe bishopiana BISHOP, John Joseph
BLANCHON Cladia blanchonii.pdf Cladia blanchonii BLANCHON, Daniel John
BOHMER Pouzolzia australis.pdf Pouzolzia australis BOHMER, Georg Rudolf
BOLLONS Hebe bollonsii.pdf Hebe bollonsii BOLLONS, John Peter
BONDARTSEV Bondarzewia berkeleyi.pdf Bondarzewia berkeleyi BONDARTSEV, Appollinaris Semenovich
BONPLAND Celmisia bonplandii.pdf Celmisia bonplandii BONPLAND, Aimé Jacques Alexandre
BORY DE SAINT-VINCENT Machaerina sinclairii.pdf Machaerina sinclairii BORY DE SAINT-VINCENT, Jean-Baptiste
BRAGGINS Bragginsella anomala.pdf Bragginsella anomala BRAGGINS, John Edward
BRATHWAITE Brathwaitea sulcata.pdf Brathwaitea sulcata BRATHWAITE, Robert
BREUTEL Breutelia pendula.pdf Breutelia pendula BREUTEL, Johann Christian
BROCKIE Scleranthus brockiei.pdf Scleranthus brockiei BROCKIE, Walter Boa
BROTHERUS Ditrichum brotherusii.pdf Ditrichum brotherusii BROTHERUS, Viktor Ferdinand
BROWN R 1824 Calyptrochaeta brownii.pdf Calyptrochaeta brownii BROWN, Robert
BROWN R 1773 Pisonia brunoniana.pdf Pisonia brunoniana BROWN, Robert
BUCHANAN Carex buchananii.pdf Carex buchananii BUCHANAN, John
BULFIN Epilobium margaretiae.pdf Epilobium margaretiae BULFIN, Margaret Jane Annand
BURBIDGE Picris burbidgeae.pdf Picris burbidgeae BURBIDGE, Nancy Tyson
BUXBAUM Buxbaumia aphylla.pdf Buxbaumia aphylla BUXBAUM, Johann Christian
CALDWELL Bulboschoenus caldwellii.pdf Bulboschoenus caldwellii CALDWELL, Athol Ceadric Albin
CALEY Paracaleana minor.pdf Paracaleana minor CALEY, George
CARMICHAEL Carmichaelia australis .pdf Carmichaelia australis CARMICHAEL, Dugald
CARSE Corybas carsei.pdf Corybas carsei CARSE, Harry
CASSINI Ozothamnus vauvilliersii.pdf Ozothamnus vauvilliersii CASSINI, Alexandre Henri Gabriel
CAVANILLES Selliera radicans.pdf Selliera radicans CAVANILLES, Antonio José
CHAFFEY Myosotis chaffeyorum.pdf Myosotis chaffeyorum CHAFFEY, Henry Fox and Annie Selina
CHAMBERS Blechnum chambersii.pdf Blechnum chambersii CHAMBERS, Thomas Carrick
CHAPMAN Chondracanthus chapmanii.pdf Chondracanthus chapmanii CHAPMAN, Anne Maria and Thomas
CHAPMAN Spatoglossum chapmanii.pdf Spatoglossum chapmanii CHAPMAN, Valentine Jackson
CHEESEMAN Olearia cheesemanii.pdf Olearia cheesemanii CHEESEMAN, Thomas Frederick
CHILD Kelleria childii.pdf Kelleria childii CHILD, John
CHISHOLM Rachelia glaria.pdf Rachelia glaria CHISHOLM, Rachel
CHRIST Christella dentata.pdf Christella dentata CHRIST, Konrad Hermann Heinrich
CLAYTON Montia calycina.pdf Montia calycina CLAYTON, John
COCKAYNE Euphrasia cockayneana.pdf Euphrasia cockayneana COCKAYNE, Leonard
COLENSO Colensoa physaloides.pdf Colensoa physaloides COLENSO, William
COMMERSON Ourisia macrophylla subsp macrophylla.pdf Ourisia macrophylla subsp. macrophylla COMMERSON, Philibert and Ouris
CONNOR Connorochloa tenuis.pdf Connorochloa tenuis CONNOR, Henry Eamonn
COOK Phormium cookianum subsp hookeri.pdf Phormium cookianum subsp. hookeri COOK, James
COOPER Gastrodia cooperae.pdf Gastrodia cooperae COOPER, Dorothy Anne
CORRIGAN Hebe corrigani.pdf Hebe corrigani CORRIGAN, Dominic Harewood Lascelles
COX Festuca coxii.pdf Festuca coxii COX, Felix Arthur Douglas
CRANWELL Libertia cranwelliae.pdf Libertia cranwelliae CRANWELL, Lucy May
CROIZAT Kelleria croizatii.pdf Kelleria croizatii CROIZAT, Léon
CUNNINGHAM Dendrobium cunninghamii .pdf Dendrobium cunninghamii CUNNINGHAM, Allan
CUNNINGHAM Loxsoma cunninghamii.pdf Loxsoma cunninghamii CUNNINGHAM, Gordon Herriot
CUNNINGHAM Lycoperdon compactum.pdf Lycoperdon compactum CUNNINGHAM, Richard
CURDIE Curdiea sp .pdf Curdiea sp. CURDIE, Danie l
DALL Celmisia dallii.pdf Celmisia dallii DALL, James
DALTON Daltonia splachnoides.pdf Daltonia splachnoides DALTON, James
DARWIN Cladonia darwinii.pdf Cladonia darwinii DARWIN, Charles Robert
DAVALL Davallia tasmanii subsp tasmanii.pdf Davallia tasmanii subsp. tasmanii DAVALL, Edmund
DAVIDSON Humidicutis mavis.pdf Humidicutis mavis DAVIDSON, Mavis Melville
DE LANGE Piper excelsum subsp delangei .pdf Piper excelsum subsp. delangei DE LANGE, Peter James
DEGELIUS Degelia gayana.pdf Degelia gayana DEGELIUS, Gunnar Bror Fritiof
DELILE Lilaeopsis novae-zelandiae.pdf Lilaeopsis novae-zelandiae DELILE, Alire Raffeneau
DENDY Leptinella dendyi.pdf Leptinella dendyi DENDY, Arthur
DESCHAMPS Champia laingii.pdf Champia laingii DESCHAMPS, Louis-Auguste
DICKSON Dicksonia fibrosa.pdf Dicksonia fibrosa DICKSON, James
DIEFFENBACH Kelleria dieffenbachii.pdf Kelleria dieffenbachii DIEFFENBACH, Johann Karl Ernst
DINGLEY Gloecantharellis dingleyae.pdf Gloecantharellis dingleyae DINGLEY, Joan Marjorie
DOBSON Aciphylla dobsonii.pdf Aciphylla dobsonii DOBSON, Arthur Dudley
DODOENS Dodonaea viscosa.pdf Dodonaea viscosa DODOENS, Rembert
DONATI Donatia novae-zelandiae.pdf Donatia novae-zelandiae DONATI, Vitaliano
DOODY Blechnum parrisiae.pdf Blechnum parrisiae DOODY, Samuel
DORRIEN-SMITH Hebe dieffenbachii.pdf Hebe dieffenbachii DORRIEN-SMITH, Arthur Algernon
DRUCE Melicytus drucei.pdf Melicytus drucei DRUCE, Anthony Peter
DRUMMOND Phylloglossum drummondii .pdf Phylloglossum drummondii DRUMMOND, James
DU RIETZ Celmisia durietzii.pdf Celmisia durietzii DU RIETZ, Gustaf Einar
DUMONT D’URVILLE Durvillaea antarctica.pdf Durvillaea antarctica DUMONT D’URVILLE, Jules Sébastien César
DYER Euphrasia dyeri.pdf Euphrasia dyeri DYER, William Turner Thiselton
ECKLON Ecklonia radiata.pdf Ecklonia radiata ECKLON, Christian Friedrich
EDGAR Libertia edgariae.pdf Libertia edgariae EDGAR, Elizabeth
EDGERLEY Raukaua edgerleyi.pdf Raukaua edgerleyi EDGERLEY, John
EDWARDS Sophora tetraptera.pdf Sophora tetraptera EDWARDS, Sydenham
EHRHART Ehrharta diplax.pdf Ehrharta diplax EHRHART, Jakob Friedrich
ELDER Myosotis elderi.pdf Myosotis elderi ELDER, Norman Lascelles
ELIX Jackelixia ligulata.pdf Jackelixia ligulata ELIX, John Alan
EMBERGER Embergeria grandifolia.pdf Embergeria grandifolia EMBERGER, Marie Louis
ENDLICHER Polyphlebium endlicherianum.pdf Polyphlebium endlicherianum ENDLICHER, Stephan Ladislaus
ENYS Ranunculus enysii.pdf Ranunculus enysii ENYS, John Davies
EUPHORBUS and Juba II Euphorbia glauca.pdf Euphorbia glauca EUPHORBUS and Juba II
EWART Ewartothamnus sinclairii.pdf Ewartothamnus sinclairii EWART, Alfred James
FAIRCHILD Pittosporum fairchildii.pdf Pittosporum fairchildii FAIRCHILD, John
FEATHERSTON Leptinella featherstonii.pdf Leptinella featherstonii FEATHERSTON, Isaac Earl
FELDMANN Feldmannia indica.pdf Feldmannia indica FELDMANN, Jean
FEREDAY Cladophora feredayi .pdf Cladophora feredayi FEREDAY, John and Susan
FIELD Carmichaelia juncea.pdf Carmichaelia juncea FIELD, William Hughes 6
FORBES Epilobium forbesii.pdf Epilobium forbesii FORBES, John Kimberley
FORSTER Clematis forsteri.pdf Clematis forsteri FORSTER, Johann George Adam
FORSTER Forstera tenella.pdf Forstera tenella FORSTER, Johann Reinhold
FOWERAKER Coprosma fowerakeri.pdf Coprosma fowerakeri FOWERAKER, Charles Ethelbert
FRANKLIN Hymenophyllum frankliniae.pdf Hymenophyllum frankliniae FRANKLIN, Jane
FRASER Blechnum fraseri .pdf Blechnum fraseri FRASER, Charles
FREYCINET Freycinetia banksii.pdf Freycinetia banksii FREYCINET, Louis-Claude Desaulses de
FUCHS Fuchsia procumbens.pdf Fuchsia procumbens FUCHS, Leonhart
GAHN Gahnia procera.pdf Gahnia procera GAHN, Henrik
GALLOWAY Cladonia gallowayi.pdf Cladonia gallowayi GALLOWAY, David John
GARDNER Olearia gardneri.pdf Olearia gardneri GARDNER, Rhys Owen
GAUDICHAUD-BEAUPRÉ Carex gaudichaudiana.pdf Carex gaudichaudiana GAUDICHAUD-BEAUPRÉ, Charles
GAULTIER Gaultheria depressa var novae-zelandiae.pdf Gaultheria depressa var. novae-zelandiae GAULTIER, Jean-François
GENTIUS Gentianella concinna.pdf Gentianella concinna GENTIUS
GIBBS Bulbinella gibbsii var gibbsii.pdf Bulbinella gibbsii var. gibbsii GIBBS, Frederick Giles
GIBSON Pterostylis irsoniana.pdf Pterostylis irsoniana GIBSON, Owen Edward
GIFFORD Feldmannia mitchelliae .pdf Feldmannia mitchelliae GIFFORD, Isobella
GILLIES Pseudopanax gilliesii.pdf Pseudopanax gilliesii GILLIES, Thomas Bannatyne
GIVEN Notogrammitis givenii.pdf Notogrammitis givenii GIVEN, David Roger
GLEICHEN-RUSSWORM Gleichenia dicarpa.pdf Gleichenia dicarpa GLEICHEN-RUSSWORM, Wilhelm Freiderich vo
GODLEY JR Ranunculus godleyanus.pdf Ranunculus godleyanus GODLEY, Eric John
GODLEY EJ Sophora godleyi.pdf Sophora godleyi GODLEY, John Robert
GOYEN Raoulia goyenii .pdf Raoulia goyenii GOYEN, Peter
GRAHAM Ranunculus grahamii.pdf Ranunculus grahamii GRAHAM, Peter
GRATELOUP Grateloupia stipitata.pdf Grateloupia stipitata GRATELOUP, Jean-Pierre Sylvestre
GREY Brachyglottis greyi.pdf Brachyglottis greyi GREY, George
GRIFFITHS Griffithsia antarctica.pdf Griffithsia antarctica GRIFFITHS, Amelia Warren
GRIMM Grimmia laevigata 16.pdf Grimmia laevigata 16 GRIMM, Johann Friedrich Karl
GRISEBACH Gentianella grisebachii.pdf Gentianella grisebachii GRISEBACH, August Heinrich Rudolf
GRISELINI Griselinia lucida.pdf Griselinia lucida GRISELINI, Francesco
GUNN Liperophyllum gunnii .pdf Liperophyllum gunnii GUNN, Ronald Campbell
GUNNERUS Gunnera prorepens.pdf Gunnera prorepens GUNNERUS, Johan Ernst
HAAST Ranunculus haastii.pdf Ranunculus haastii HAAST, Johann Franz Julius
HALL Podocarpus cunninghamii.pdf Podocarpus cunninghamii HALL, John William
HAMILTON A Blechnum membranaceum.pdf Blechnum membranaceum HAMILTON, Augustus
HAMILTON WS Gunnera hamiltonii.pdf Gunnera hamiltonii HAMILTON, William Maxwell
HAMILTON WM Pomaderris hamiltonii.pdf Pomaderris hamiltonii HAMILTON, William Stewart
HAMLIN Carex hamlinii.pdf Carex hamlinii HAMLIN, Bruce Gordon
HARVEY Bostrychia harveyi.pdf Bostrychia harveyi HARVEY, William Henry
HATCH Danhatchia australis.pdf Danhatchia australis HATCH, Edwin Daniel
HEALY Carex healyi.pdf Carex healyi HEALY, Arthur John Francis
HECTOR Celmisia hectorii.pdf Celmisia hectorii HECTOR, James
HEDWIG Hedwigia ciliata.pdf Hedwigia ciliata HEDWIG, Johann
HEIM Hennediella heinii.pdf Hennediella heinii HEIM, Ernst Ludwig
HELMS Crassula helmsii.pdf Crassula helmsii HELMS, Richard
HERZOG Telaranea herzogii.pdf Telaranea herzogii HERZOG, Theodor Carl Julius
HILL Thismia rodwayi.pdf Thismia rodwayi HILL, Henry
HOCHSTETTER Entoloma hochstetteri.pdf Entoloma hochstetteri HOCHSTETTER, Christian Gottlieb Ferdinand
HODGSON Neohodgsonia mirabilis.pdf Neohodgsonia mirabilis HODGSON, Eliza Amy
HOLLOWAY Carmichaelia hollowayi.pdf Carmichaelia hollowayi HOLLOWAY, John Ernest
HOMBRON Callophyllis hombroniana.pdf Callophyllis hombroniana HOMBRON, Jacques Bernard
HOME Geranium homeanum.pdf Geranium homeanum HOME, James Everard
HOOKER JD Bulbinella hookeri.pdf Bulbinella hookeri HOOKER, Joseph Dalton
HOOKER WJ Raoulia hookeri var Makara.pdf Raoulia hookeri var. 'Makara' HOOKER, William Jackson
HUNT Brachyglottis huntii.pdf Brachyglottis huntii HUNT, Frederick
HUTTON Pittosporum huttonianum.pdf Pittosporum huttonianum HUTTON, Frederick Wollaston
IRWIN Pterostylis irwinii.pdf Pterostylis irwinii IRWIN, James Bruce
JAMESON Jamesoniella colorata.pdf Jamesoniella colorata JAMESON, William
JOHNSON Elingamita johnsonii.pdf Elingamita johnsonii JOHNSON, Magnus Earle
JOVELLANOS Parahebe jovellanoides.pdf Parahebe jovellanoides JOVELLANOS, Gaspar Melchor de
JUNGERMANN Jungermannia hodgsonia.pdf Jungermannia hodgsonia JUNGERMANN, Ludwig
KIRK Brachyglottis kirkii var kirkii.pdf Brachyglottis kirkii var. kirkii KIRK, Thomas
KNIGHT Knightia excelsa.pdf Knightia excelsa KNIGHT, Charles
KNIGHT Pseudocyphellaria lividofusca.pdf Pseudocyphellaria lividofusca KNIGHT, Thomas Andrew
KOMAROV Epilobium komarovianum.pdf Epilobium komarovianum KOMAROV, Vladimir Leontjevich
KRAUSS Juncus krausii var australiensis.pdf Juncus krausii var.australiensis KRAUSS, Christian Ferdinand Friedrich
KUNTH Dictyota kunthii.pdf Dictyota kunthii KUNTH, Karl Sigismund
KUNZE Kunzea ericoides.pdf Kunzea ericoides KUNZE, Gustav
L’OBEL Lobelia angulata.pdf Lobelia angulata L’OBEL, Matthias de
LA BILLARDIÈRE Notogrammitis billardierei.pdf Notogrammitis billardierei LA BILLARDIÈRE, Jacques-Julien Houtou de
LAING Champia laingii .pdf Champia laingii LAING, Robert Malcolm
LAMBERT Carex lambertiana.pdf Carex lambertiana LAMBERT, Aylmer Bourke
LANDSBOROUGH Landsburgia quercifolia.pdf Landsburgia quercifolia LANDSBOROUGH, David
LAVAUD Heliohebe lavaudiana.pdf Heliohebe lavaudiana LAVAUD, Charles-François
LEIGH Aciphylla leighii.pdf Aciphylla leighii LEIGH, Dennis Huckvale
LESSON Anemanthele lessoniana .pdf Anemanthele lessoniana LESSON, René and Pierre Adolphe
LEWELLIN Porpomolopsis lewelliniae.pdf Porpomolopsis lewelliniae LEWELLIN, Madeline Mary Ravenna
LIBERT Libertia micrantha.pdf Libertia micrantha LIBERT, Marie-Anne
LINDAUER Helminthora lindaueri.pdf Helminthora lindaueri LINDAUER, Victor Wilhelm
LINDSAY Korthalsella lindsayi.pdf Korthalsella lindsayi LINDSAY, John
LINDSAY Lindsaea trichomanoides .pdf Lindsaea trichomanoides LINDSAY, William Lauder
LINNAEUS Lobelia linnaeoides.pdf Lobelia linnaeoides LINNAEUS, Carl
LOGAN Raoulia loganii.pdf Raoulia loganii LOGAN, Houston Francis
LUZURIAGA Luzuriaga parviflora.pdf Luzuriaga parviflora LUZURIAGA, Ignacio Maria Ruiz de
LYALL Ranunculus lyallii.pdf Ranunculus lyallii LYALL, David
MACKAU Celmisia mackaui.pdf Celmisia mackaui MACKAU, Ange René Armand
MACKIE Asplenium lyallii.pdf Asplenium lyallii MACKIE, Leslie Stuart
MAGELLAN Oxalis magellanica.pdf Oxalis magellanica MAGELLAN, Ferdinand
MALCOLM Xanthoparmelia malcolmii.pdf Xanthoparmelia malcolmii MALCOLM, William McLagan
MALING Hymenophyllum malingii.pdf Hymenophyllum malingii MALING, Christopher Louis
MARATTI Ptisana salicina .pdf Ptisana salicina MARATTI, Giovanni Francesco
MARCHANT Marchantia foliacea.pdf Marchantia foliacea MARCHANT, Nicolas and Jean
MARK Celmisia markii.pdf Celmisia markii MARK, Alan Francis
MARTIN Sticta martinii.pdf Sticta martinii MARTIN, William
MASON Hebe masoniae.pdf Hebe masoniae MASON, Frances Mary Young
MASON Plantago triandra.pdf Plantago triandra MASON, Ruth
MATTHEWS Pterostylis nutans.pdf Pterostylis nutans MATTHEWS, Henry Blencowe
MATTHEWS Thelymitra matthewsii.pdf Thelymitra matthewsii MATTHEWS, Henry John
MATTHEWS Wahlenbergia matthewsii.pdf Wahlenbergia matthewsii MATTHEWS, Richard Henry
McCASKILL Heliohebe maccaskillii.pdf Heliohebe maccaskillii McCASKILL, Lancelot William
McINTYRE Nothopanax macintyrei.pdf Nothopanax macintyrei McINTYRE, John Wood
McKAY Argyrotegium mackayi.pdf Argyrotegium mackayi McKAY, Alexander
McMAHON Celmisia macmahonii.pdf Celmisia macmahonii McMAHON, Joseph Hobson
MENZIES Dracophyllum menziesii.pdf Dracophyllum menziesii MENZIES, Archibald
MICHIE Pittosporum pimeleoides subsp majus.pdf Pittosporum pimeleoides subsp. majus MICHIE, Rossell Henry
MILNE Blechnum kermadecense.pdf Blechnum kermadecense MILNE, William Grant
MITTEN Cryptolophocolea mitteniana.pdf Cryptolophocolea mitteniana MITTEN, William
MOLLOY Corybas cryptanthus.pdf Corybas cryptanthus MOLLOY, Brian Peter John
MONRO Brachyglottis monroi .pdf Brachyglottis monroi MONRO, David
MONTAGNE Sarcodia montagneana.pdf Sarcodia montagneana MONTAGNE, Jean-François Camille
MONTI Montia erythrophylla .pdf Montia erythrophylla MONTI, Giuseppe
MOORE Tortella mooreae.pdf Tortella mooreae MOORE, Lucy Beatrice
MORGAN Celmisia morganii.pdf Celmisia morganii MORGAN, Andrew Price 5
MORGAN Lycoperdon pyriforme.pdf Lycoperdon pyriforme MORGAN, Percy Gates
MORICE Astelia nivicola var moriceae.pdf Astelia nivicola var. moriceae MORICE, Isobel Murray
MUELLER Colobanthus muelleri.pdf Colobanthus muelleri MUELLER, Ferdinand Jakob Heinrich
MURRAY Cladonia murrayi.pdf Cladonia murrayi MURRAY, James
MURRELL Hebe murrellii.pdf Hebe murrellii MURRELL, Robert
NICHOLSON Frullania nicholsonii.pdf Frullania nicholsonii NICHOLSON, William Edward
OLIVER D Myrsine oliveri.pdf Myrsine oliveri OLIVER, Daniel
OLIVER WR Pterostylis oliveri.pdf Pterostylis oliveri OLIVER, Walter Reginald Brook
OLSCHLAGER Olearia ilicifolia.pdf Olearia ilicifolia ÖLSCHLÄGER , Johann Gottfried
PAPENFUSS Papenfussiella lutea.pdf Papenfussiella lutea PAPENFUSS, George Frederik
PARK Raoulia parkii.pdf Raoulia parkii PARK, James
PARKINSON Metrosideros parkinsonii.pdf Metrosideros parkinsonii PARKINSON, Sydney
PARRIS Blechnum parrisiae.pdf Blechnum parrisiae PARRIS, Barbara 1
PARSONS Parsonsia heterophylla.pdf Parsonsia heterophylla PARSONS, James
PATERSON Blechnum colensoi.pdf Blechnum colensoi PATERSON, William
PATRICK Nertera ciliata.pdf Nertera ciliata PATRICK, Brian 1
PEARSON Dracophyllum pearsonii.pdf Dracophyllum pearsonii PEARSON, Walter Henry
PENNANT Pennantia corymbosa.pdf Pennantia corymbosa PENNANT, Thomas
PERNETY Gaultheria nubicola .pdf Gaultheria nubicola PERNETY, Antoine-Joseph
PERSOON Toronia toru.pdf Toronia toru PERSOON, Christiaan Hendrik
PETRIE Raoulia petriensis.pdf Raoulia petriensis PETRIE, Donald
PHILIPSON Nertera cumminghamii.pdf Nertera cumminghamii PHILIPSON, William Raymond
PISO Pisonia brunoniana.pdf Pisonia brunoniana PISO, Willem
PLANCHON Planchonella costata.pdf Planchonella costata PLANCHON, Jules-Émile
POEPPIG Notogrammitis crassior.pdf Notogrammitis crassior POEPPIG, Eduard Frederich
POPPELWELL Hebe imbricata .pdf Hebe imbricata POPPELWELL, Dugald Louis
POTTS Myosotis pottsiana .pdf Myosotis pottsiana POTTS, Norman Ambrose
POUZOLZ Pozolzia australis.pdf Pozolzia australis POUZOLZ, Pierre Marie Casimir
PRAT-BERNON Lobelia angulata.pdf Lobelia angulata PRAT-BERNON, Charles Louis
PREISS Petalophyllum preissii.pdf Petalophyllum preissii PREISS, Johann August Ludwig
PUCCINELLI Puccinellia raroflorens.pdf Puccinellia raroflorens PUCCINELLI, Benedetto Luigi
QUINTINIE Quintinia serrata.pdf Quintinia serrata QUINTINIE, Jean Baptiste de la
RADDI Adiantum raddianum.pdf Adiantum raddianum RADDI, Giuseppe
RALPH Pittosporum ralphii.pdf Pittosporum ralphii RALPH, Thomas Shearman
RANCE Ranunculus ranceorum.pdf Ranunculus ranceorum RANCE, Christine and Brian
RAOUL Raoulia mammillaris .pdf Raoulia mammillaris RAOUL, Etienne Fiacre Louis
RAWLINGS Notogrammitis rawlingsii.pdf Notogrammitis rawlingsii RAWLINGS, George Boris
RICHARD Polystichum neozelandicum .pdf Polystichum neozelandicum RICHARD, Achille
RICHARDSON Hibiscus richardsonii .pdf Hibiscus richardsonii RICHARDSON, John Matthew
ROBERTSON Calochilus robertsonii .pdf Calochilus robertsonii ROBERTSON, John George
RODWAY Thismia rodwayi.pdf Thismia rodwayi RODWAY, Leonard
ROSS Bulbinella rossii.pdf Bulbinella rossii ROSS, James Clark
ROUGH Stellaria roughii.pdf Stellaria roughii ROUGH, David
RUMOHR Rumohra adiantiformis.pdf Rumohra adiantiformis RUMOHR, Carl Friedrich von
RUMPF Metrosideros fulgens.pdf Metrosideros fulgens RUMPF, Georg Eberhard
RUTLAND Celmisia rutlandii.pdf Celmisia rutlandii RUTLAND, Joshua
SAINSBURY Fissidens taylorii var sainsburyanus.pdf Fissidens taylorii var. sainsburyanus SAINSBURY, George Osborne King
SCHEFFLER Schefflera digitata.pdf Schefflera digitata SCHEFFLER, Piotr Ernest Jan
SHUTTLEWORTH Asplenium shuttleworthianum.pdf Asplenium shuttleworthianum SHUTTLEWORTH, Robert James
SIEBER Cheilanthes sieberi subsp sieberi.pdf Cheilanthes sieberi subsp. sieberi SIEBER, Franz Wilhelm
SIMPSON Ourisia simpsonii.pdf Ourisia simpsonii SIMPSON, George
SINCLAIR Jovellana sinclairii .pdf Jovellana sinclairii SINCLAIR, Andrew
SKOTTSBERG Astelia skottsbergii.pdf Astelia skottsbergii SKOTTSBERG, Carl Johan Fredrik
SMITH JC Aciphylla crosby-smithii.pdf Aciphylla crosby-smithii SMITH, Joseph Crosby
SMITH J Cyathea smithii.pdf Cyathea smithii SMITH, John
SMITH SP Streblus smithii.pdf Streblus smithii SMITH, Stephenson Percy
SMITH C Thelymytra cyanea.pdf Thelymytra cyanea SMITH, Cedric
SOLANDER Astelia solandri .pdf Astelia solandri SOLANDER, Daniel
SPEDEN Celmisia spedenii.pdf Celmisia spedenii SPEDEN, James
SPENCER Gentianella spenceri .pdf Gentianella spenceri SPENCER, Frederick Hamilton
SPRENGEL Sprengelia incarnata.pdf Sprengelia incarnata SPRENGEL, Christian Konrad
ST GEORGE Corybas sanctigeorgianus.pdf Corybas sanctigeorgianus ST GEORGE, Ian Michael
STACKHOUSE Stackhousia minima.pdf Stackhousia minima STACKHOUSE, John
STEVENSON Carmichaelia stevensonii.pdf Carmichaelia stevensonii STEVENSON, George
STEVENSON Gliophorus viridis.pdf Gliophorus viridis STEVENSON, Greta Barbara
STEWART Brachyglottis stewartiae.pdf Brachyglottis stewartiae STEWART, William W
SULLIVAN Paracaleana minor .pdf Paracaleana minor SULLIVAN, Daniel
SUTER Pimelia suteri.pdf Pimelia suteri SUTER, Andrew Burn
SUTTON Myrsine australis.pdf Myrsine australis SUTTON, Charles
SWAINSON Montigena novae-zelandiae.pdf Montigena novae-zelandiae SWAINSON, Isaac
SYKES Urtica sykesii.pdf Urtica sykesii SYKES, William Russell
TALBOT Bulbinella talbotii.pdf Bulbinella talbotii TALBOT, Harry
TASMAN Pterostylis tasmanica.pdf Pterostylis tasmanica TASMAN, Abel Janszoon
TAYLOR Coprosma dumosa.pdf Coprosma dumosa TAYLOR, Grace Marie
TAYLOR Dactylanthus taylori .pdf Dactylanthus taylori TAYLOR, Richard
TAYLOR Tayloria obtoblepharum.pdf Tayloria obtoblepharum TAYLOR, Thomas
TENNANT Poa tennantiana.pdf Poa tennantiana TENNANT, John Smaillie
THEODORUS Schoenoplectus tabernaemontani.pdf Schoenoplectus tabernaemontani THEODORUS, Jacobus
THOMSON Aciphylla scott-thomsonii.pdf Aciphylla scott-thomsonii THOMSON, George Malcolm
THOMSON Chionohebe thomsonii.pdf Chionohebe thomsonii THOMSON, John Scott
THOMSON Olearia townsonii.pdf Olearia townsonii THOMSON, John Turnbull
THOMSON Zotovia thomsonii.pdf Zotovia thomsonii THOMSON, William Alexander
THREE KINGS Chlidophyllum kaspar, Curdiea balthazar, Adamsiella melchiori.pdf Chlidophyllum kaspar, Curdiea balthazar, Adamsiella melchiori THREE KINGS: Caspar, Balthazar and Melchior
TILLI Crassula moschata.pdf Crassula moschata TILLI, Michelangelo
TODE Todea barbara.pdf Todea barbara TODE, Heinrich Julius
TOWNSON Hebe townsonii.pdf Hebe townsonii TOWNSON, William Lewis
TRAILL Leptinella traillii.pdf Leptinella traillii TRAILL, Charles
TRAVERS HH Aciphylla traversii.pdf Aciphylla traversii TRAVERS, Henry Hammersley
TRAVERS WTL Celmisia traversii.pdf Celmisia traversii TRAVERS, William Thomas Locke
TREADWELL Hebe treadwellii.pdf Hebe treadwellii TREADWELL, Charles Herbert
TREUB Treubia sp .pdf Treubia sp. TREUB, Melchior
TUPAIA Tupeia antarctica.pdf Tupeia antarctica TUPAIA
TURNER Brachyglottis turneri.pdf Brachyglottis turneri TURNER, Dawson
TURNER Dawsonia superba.pdf Dawsonia superba TURNER, Edward Phillips
VITTADINI Vittadinia australis.pdf Vittadinia australis VITTADINI, Carlo
WAHLENBERG Wahlenbergia albomarginata subsp laxa.pdf Wahlenbergia albomarginata subsp. laxa WAHLENBERG, Göran
WALKER Celmisia walkeri.pdf Celmisia walkeri WALKER, Inches Campbell
WALL Coprosma wallii.pdf Coprosma wallii WALL, Arnold
WEINMANN Weinmannia racemosa.pdf Weinmannia racemosa WEINMANN, Johann Wilhelm
WEYMOUTH Weymouthia mollis.pdf Weymouthia mollis WEYMOUTH, William Anderson
WILLA Durvillaea willana.pdf Durvillaea willana WILLA, Eileen Alice
WILLCOX Leptinella pectinata subsp willcoxii.pdf Leptinella pectinata subsp. willcoxii WILLCOX, William
WILLIAMS Carmichaelia williamsii.pdf Carmichaelia williamsii WILLIAMS, William Leonard
WRIGHT Andreaea sp .pdf Andreaea sp. WRIGHT, Thomas George
WYNTER Pseudowintera colorata.pdf Pseudowintera colorata WYNTER, John
YOUNG Raoulia youngii.pdf Raoulia youngii YOUNG, William Spearman
ZELLER Corybas walliae.pdf Corybas walliae ZELLER, Walburga
ZOIS Zoysia minima.pdf Zoysia minima ZOIS, Philip Evgen Karel
ZOLLINGER Clavaria zollingeri.pdf Clavaria zollingeri ZOLLINGER, Heinrich
ZOTOV Uncinia zotovii.pdf Uncinia zotovii ZOTOV, Victor Dmitrievich